Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Advisors

We connect those who have complex business questions to advisors like yourself who can provide insights. Advisors like you set their hourly rate, and we work to introduce our advisors to our clients.

We attract a wide range of clients including investors looking for education on a specific market, product designers looking to interview users or gather feedback on a current product design, consulting companies trying to understand a new industry or competitive landscape, and corporations or startups looking for strategic advice and partnerships.

Clients approach Prime Advisors Network to identify advisors to help them with their most critical business problems. They seek to gather expert insights, make sure they are thinking about things the right way, or understand new concepts. Your perspective is valuable to them because they need to make informed decisions for their business.

Often, clients are looking to learn nuances within an industry where they lack expertise in an efficient and effective manner. For example, they may be experts in finance or strategy frameworks, but may not be familiar with the day-to-day nuances of retail merchandising.

All Prime Advisors Network clients and projects submitted are pre-screened by the Prime Advisors Network team. You have the option to apply to projects posted on our Project Portal – or our team will reach out to you directly for projects that seem to be a great fit for your background.

The client may ask a few sample questions to verify that you have the type of experience and depth/breadth they are looking for in an advisor.

If both you and the client agree that there is a fit, the client will schedule an introductory consultation to get things started!

Consultations typically take one of two forms: (1) 30 – 60 minute phone call with the client or (2) survey or written feedback to questions. The approximate length and format of a consultation will be specified in advance. You will be paid for the time you spend with client as agreed through our platform.

Other than a few screening questions to qualify our advisors for the consultation, no preparation is required prior.

By nature, consultations are intellectual discussions where the client is looking for your unique insights. Clients are generally not looking for advisors to produce any work or output, unless specified in advance.

When Prime Advisors Network presents consultation opportunities to our advisors, we will provide a brief description of the scope of the research topics. Reviewing the project description or sample questions are a great way to get oriented to the topic at-hand, but it’s not a test! They are wanting to learn from your experience - that may mean helping frame the questions in a new way, or thinking of something that is related to the topic that they haven’t asked about yet.

For compliance, both clients and advisors are expressly prohibited from asking or discussing confidential information, financial information from publicly traded companies, and or sensitive materials and topics. Content of consultations should pertain solely to information accessible through public means. These stipulations are protected and upheld by Prime Advisors Network’s Terms and Conditions for both Advisors and clients.

A typical Prime Advisors Network advisor earns $200 - $300/hour for their knowledge but it really depends on how you want to set your rate. A good rule of thumb is to charge ~3-4x your average hourly wage if you are working full-time. Some advisors choose to donate their earnings to a charity.

Our advisors generally find the experience enjoyable. It is an opportunity to share your knowledge and with someone from a different background hoping to learn from your unique perspectives.

Some clients want anonymity because publicizing their name would have an adverse impact on something that they are working on.

For example, it could be an investment firm trying to decide whether to bid on an acquisition. Or it could be a large enterprise looking to conduct a major strategic shift. Or it could be a consulting firm inventing a new product that hasn’t yet been announced.

For all of these types of clients - they may not be able to share the exact details of what they are working on, but we leave that open to them to determine as they get to know you.

Definitely. You are under no obligation to accept any consultation request.

As mentioned, you can set your own hourly rate. We currently process payments every two weeks, so you should be issued a payment via check, direct deposit, or other option you select within two weeks of the consultation.

We charge commissions to cover compliance, scheduling, and other logistical costs. We pass on this surcharge directly to our client – and we are very transparent about our Client Pricing.

One major reason that Prime Advisors Network charges a premium is that we will occasionally arbitrate disagreements between advisors and clients. Sometimes we will refund the customer their payment and pay the advisor out of our own pocket. This helps us be able to promise advisors that they will be paid their hourly rate as agreed.

Additionally, we only charge for successful introductions - so everyone wants the same thing: for you to connect with a client, share your knowledge, and possibly develop a long-term consulting relationship.

We will only request a Form 1099 (US tax payers) if you make more than $600 or more / calendar year with us.

Nope. If you think that’s what is happening, let us know. All advisors invited to join a project are either identified by our team, or the client directly. We will only send you tailored requests that are relevant to you. Typically, we will not send advisors more than 3 project inquiries / month.

  1. We have contracts in place with our clients that agree to be introduced to advisors through our platform.
  2. During consultations with anyone on our system, you should not reveal anything sensitive or confidential, especially anything that can lead to insider trading or other illegal activities.
  3. We ask you to abide under any agreements (i.e. employment agreements, severance agreements) that you may have signed that would prohibit you from advising people through our system.

More information can be found here.

That’s okay with us! The benefit of scheduling through the Prime Advisors Network platform is that 1) we can guarantee payment at agreed upon hourly rate, 2) we can offer compliance support to client, and 3) we can make scheduling and payment processing easy. For many clients and advisors, these are great reasons to stick with the Prime Advisors Network platform.

However, If clients wish to engage with you for full-time employment, or a custom long-term arrangement, we are happy that we helped make a good introduction :)

FAQs for Clients

We connect you with a specialized knowledge advisor that can help you find the insights your team needs. We look both inside and outside our network to find the right advisor for your team - any industry, any position, any geography.

Approved users will submit any request for free, and will only pay for successful introductions to advisors that they select.

Introductions to advisors generally occur through scheduled conference calls, video calls, written Q&A, in-person interviews, or surveys. We have also helped find board advisors, long-term consultants, full-time hires and much more.

As 21st century knowledge professionals, a significant part of our responsibilities is to filter through information to find the answers and insights we need at the right time.

Sure, there is a lot of free information out there – but there is a lot of specialized information trapped in the heads of each of us.

It’s often helpful to speak with a professional who can quickly and effectively provide value-add perspectives and help us filter through the noise to focus on what is truly important.

At Prime Advisors Network we save you time and deliver the insights you need – on demand.

You can check out our full pricing here

We charge as a low as $50 / hour (plus the rate set by the advisor – typically $200-$300 / hour).

We offer low-pricing options for clients willing to be transparent with their identity and for those who use our suite of tools to recruit advisors through the Prime Advisors Network platform.

We listened to our clients and learned that nobody likes to pay ongoing headhunter fees, so we got rid of them.

At the end of the day, our goal is to successfully introduce you to the right advisor. So after a successful introduction, we will reconnect you with any past advisor introduced through Prime Advisors Network for no additional recruiting fee. When you are ready to reconnect with your advisors, we can keep your consultants ready-to-go, and assist with both scheduling and payment processing at the advisors established rate.

Try us out with no upfront cost! Feel free to send us over a project that you need to find advisors for.

We will get started for free, and you won’t pay unless you like who we come up with and arrange a successful consultation.

If you don’t like who we come up with, there is absolutely no charge for the search.

If you select someone and are dissatisfied during a consultation, please end the call within 10 minutes, and you will not be charged.

Generally, we encourage learners to share as much information as possible, including your identity, for optimal advisor response and match rates. We find that advisors reciprocate the trust shown to them, so we offer lower cost options for clients willing to be transparent with their identity.

However, our system allows learners to remain anonymous by default. If advisors feel uncomfortable with your anonymity, we will work with you to understand how much we can share.

We will never reveal your identity without your permission.

At Prime Advisors Network, we take compliance very seriously, it is paramount to our business model, and as such, we have a robust framework vetted by counsel.

For more information, please see here.

We have three 3 key differentiating pillars:

  1. Better Quality – We use technology-driven approach developed at MIT to conduct custom searches and find the best-fit advisors without the high costs.
  2. Better Flexibility – No long-term contract required, with a range of service offerings.
  3. Better Transparency – Our long-term mission is to unlock the power of expert knowledge, and we are embracing a transparent marketplace model. (For example – see our transparent Client Pricing)

But don’t take our word for it. Send us a project today – create an account and submit your project request (or email inquiries@Prime Advisors to see how we can help. There is never a cost to get started with us. You only pay when we deliver results

Prime Advisors Network’s advisors hail from a wide variety of geographies, industries and functions.

We find advisors wherever clients ask us to, including healthcare, biotech, manufacturing, retail, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, insurance, or technology. (Check out a sample!)

From startup CEOs, to academic professors, to VPs of Sales, to Directors of IT – we can do it all. We can connect you with US pediatric surgeons, private equity analysts in Africa, fast-casual restaurateurs in South East Asia, industrial sheet piling experts in South America, and whatever else you can think of.

We source advisors in 3 key ways:

1. We’ve built up an internal network of thousands of vetted advisors from a wide range of industries – but with a focus on tech, healthcare and various cutting-edge fields.

2. Beyond that, our network is the broader web. Given the availability of data today, we use a combination of advanced technologies and processes to find people on demand. We can get responses relatively quickly from any geography, industry and position.

3. We have built a crowd-sourcing and referral mechanism via our platform – open to all our clients – where only vetted projects are posted.

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